Fount Bio announces Dan Browne, MBA to join Board of Directors.

Fount Bio, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Dan Browne as an independent Director to Fount Bio’s Board of Directors. Dan joins current board members Anthony Aiudi and Justin Burns from Morningside Ventures and co-founders Samir Mitragotri and Douglas Levinson.

Dan Browne has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial and executive leadership experience in the healthcare industry. He has led the development of multiple innovative products that are leaders in their category, as well as critical business development and partnership activities. Dan is the co-founder and former CEO of Revance Therapeutics, Inc. He brought the company from early-stage incubator in 2002 to a highly successful IPO in 2014. During Dan’s tenure at Revance, all the core R&D, clinical, regulatory/quality, finance and commercial operations reported to him.

“We are honored to have Dan join our Board. Dan brings outstanding knowledge and experience to Fount Bio and will strengthen our efforts to translate our Flī-HA (functional ligand hyaluronic acid) platform technology for topical delivery of hyaluronic acid (HA) into exciting, category leading products.” said Douglas Levinson, Founder and CEO, Fount Bio. “Dan’s expertise in bringing early-stage innovation all the way through the necessary steps to commercial readiness and successful IPO will be extraordinarily valuable as we grow Fount Bio.”

“I am excited about the opportunity that Fount Bio and the Flī-HA platform represent. There is significant unmet need for a novel, tailored and targeted topical delivery mechanism for hyaluronic acid.” said Dan Browne. “The robust scientific expertise, data generated to date and the pedigree of the Fount Bio leadership team gives me confidence in what they have and the potential breakthrough in the delivery of hyaluronic acid. I am looking forward to supporting them on that journey.”  

Fount Bio is currently developing its novel and proprietary Flī-HA for aesthetics and dermatological use while also exploring product opportunities across a range of high potential market categories where Flī-HA provides important and distinct advantages. Currently, marketed HA-based products encompass a broad range of high-value commercial opportunities. In the medical aesthetics area alone, the current market for HA injectables is expected to approach $6B by 2025. Flī-HA-based products have the potential to grow and capture market share even further by providing a topical alternative to injection.

About Flī-HA, the first of its kind technology

Fount Bio’s proprietary Flī-HA (functional ligand-hyaluronic acid) platform is the world’s first platform designed to build a biostable HA matrix where it’s needed. It’s based on natural biochemical reactions that occur within living systems. As a result, Flī-HA technology overcomes longstanding delivery and biostability challenges of large glycoproteins like HA and enables HA to be topically delivered either on tissue surfaces or deeper, where it’s retained for extended periods.

About Fount Bio

Fount Bio is a life science company developing a pipeline of innovative products for medical and beauty applications based on proprietary glycopolymer technology that combines proprietary innovations in biorthogonal chemistry and glycopolymer science. Fount Bio’s Flī- technology platform represents a novel approach to overcome key challenges associated with delivery of large glycopolymers like HA, allowing tailored placement onto tissue surfaces or within tissues where they are retained for extended periods of time. Our Flī-HA platform technology delivers hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring and necessary component present in various tissues throughout the body, including skin, eyes, joints and mucosa. For more information, visit