The HA delivery challenge

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring glycopolymer present in multiple tissues of the body—including skin, eyes, joints, and mucosa—required to maintain tissue health and function. Advancing age, disease or injury can result in a deficiency of HA. While levels can be replenished through administration of exogenous HA, this presents delivery and retention challenges. Because the large size of HA prevents passive delivery into tissues like skin, delivery can only be accomplished with injection. In addition, exogenous HA must be chemically stabilized to prevent rapid degradation by enzymes within target tissues.

First of its kind technology

Fount Bio’s proprietary Flī-HA (functional ligand-hyaluronic acid) platform is the world’s first platform designed to build a biostable HA matrix where it’s needed, overcoming longstanding delivery and retention challenges. The Flī-HA platform is based on natural biochemical reactions that occur within living systems.

HA building blocks undergo transformation in situ to form a biostable matrix.

Delivering HA where it’s needed

Products based on the Flī-HA platform deliver HA building blocks to tissues—where HA is needed. Once in place, these HA building blocks undergo rapid transformation into a high molecular weight, biostable HA matrix in situ. The Flī platform is highly tunable, enabling delivery to be tailored for each specific product application.

Our tunable Flī-HA platform enables formation and deposition of HA matrices where they’re needed.

We’re building on our Flī platform to develop a pipeline of innovative, high-value products across a range of medical and beauty applications.

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